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Photoshop 85%
Premiere Pro 85%
Autodesk Fusion 360 80%
Photogrammetry 80%
Marketing 90%
Branding 90%

About me

Martin is a freelance journalist, writer and multimedia specialist based in Ottawa, Canada. Before graduating from Carleton University's flagship journalism program, he was a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years international industry experience.

Born in Australia, Martin has lived in many places since embarking on his international travels in 1992, including Japan, the U.K. and Canada.

He's most at home in the outdoors, or feeding his a voracious appetite for science and technology news. He's currently busy experimenting with immersive storytelling techniques, in particular VR and 360 degree multimedia.

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With High Distinction

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Minor in Communication Studies
Minor in (Industrial) Design


• A. Davidson Dunton Scholarship - May 2013
• Sparks Family Undergraduate Scholarship in Journalism - May 2014
• Murdoch Maxwell MacOdrum Scholarship - May 2015
• K. Phyllis Wilson Scholarship in Journalism - May 2015
• Marisa Ann Golini Memorial Scholarship in Journalism - May 2015.


• Carleton University Dean's Honour-list 2012- 2013
• Carleton University Dean's Honour-list 2013- 2014
• Carleton University Dean's Honour-list 2014- 2015
• Carleton University Dean's Honour-list 2015- 2016

2012 – 2016

Bachelor of Journalism


St-Edmunds Christian Brothers College, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia,

1981 – 1985

High School Senior


Higher School


Secondary School

Work experience

Work experience

Profile: Freelance Journalist, Photographer, 360 Video Production Specialist, Visual Storyteller, Social Media Strategist and Industrial Designer.
A dedicated writer specialized in science, technology, design and health. Japanese, Canadian, U.S., and UK experience, teamed with an international outlook and ‘can do’ attitude.


Martin's skillset reflects the changing nature of 21st century creative industries. He has a demonstrable record of adapting to new trends and applying his considerable creative and technical experience to the demands of each role.

Some of his clients have included:

  • Vice Media
  • Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Great River Media
  • Spartan Bioscience
  • Ottawa Chamberfest
  • Ausome Ottawa
  • Science Media Centre (Canada)
  • Green Car Reports (US)
  • Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC)

Industrial Designer
Social Media Content Strategist

Carleton University

Bachelor of Journalism, Honours. Minors in Communication Studies and Industrial Design.
Graduated with High Distinction


Full-Time Student

Bell Canada

Responsible for implementing and managing carrier-class security tools, investigate suspicious activities and contain them,reduce downtime and ensure business continuity, security strategy, audit and compliance support, customer liason.
Staff hiring and performance management
Secret Cleared

May 2011 – August 2012

(Cyber) Security Operations Centre Lead

HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd

Tasked with buiding a new SOC from the ground up to serve a large UK Government Department. Secret Cleared

February 2007 – April 2010

SOC Manager (serving UK Government departments)


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Unexpected Design Detour

It's why I love design so much.

USB-Powered, self-watering, air-purifying plant pot and lamp

Designing for healthy workspaces!

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Contact me

Say hello! If you don't like forms, send me an email: martin [at] seigimedia.com

Event Hype Video

With a major announcement planned for an upcoming event

the client tasked me with creating a short video that would build anticipation and interest.

Client's upcoming major announcement

Instagram Campaign

The brief was to come up with a way to introduce the client's product, their CEO and their team

Working with the client's communications and marketing department, I came up with a simple and elegant 3-part intro

Client's debut to Instagram

Conference Promotional Video

The client asked for a video to demonstrate the simplicity of their product, the Spartan Cube, for rapid on-site Legionella testing.

I completed the shoot in the morning and had the first rough edit submitted to the customer within two days.

The finished product was ready within 5 days, well ahead of the deadline.

Client video for conferences and seminars

Conference Promotional Video

The client wanted to re-edit a high-quality video shot years earlier, and add new audio where necessary.

With the footage available, I was able to colour-match new clips to the original and using studio-quality techniques, record audio tracks.

Extensive re-edit of an existing marketing video

Photography Shoot

Ottawa Chamberfest hired me to photograph this signature event on the Ottawa classical music calendar.

Every photo was shot with fully manual lens, which is a challenge in dynamic situations, but the extra time spent setting up each one reaps rewards.

The client was so pleased with the results that they have added me to their short list of preferred photographers.

Outdoor shoot for the 1000 Strings event

  • Skills: Photography, Adobe Photoshop
  • Client: Ottawa Chamberfest, Music In The Barns
  • Date: August 6, 2019
  • Category:
  • Project Url: 1000 Strings

VR/ Immersive Experience for Educators

This VR experience was a proof-of-concept for Ontario Nature. I proposed to give students the capability to build their own 360-degree experiences easily.

The idea was to enable school kids to create VR field trips for STEM or report on a local issue that they feel is important and publish it to the web.

Because the students create the content, they learn by doing. The process is inherently didactic and multidisciplinary

Expanding on the idea, I suggested that students in a remote community might create a VR tour that allows outsiders to immersively experience their world.

Students on the other side of the world could reciprocate.

If you don't have a VR headset, you can still try out a more limited, 'magic window' experience by clicking on the link below. If you don't have time for that, here's short demo video of how it would work.

Proof of concept at Reilly Bird Reserve

Story for Motherboard (Vice)

Motherboard asked me look into some of the challenges facing patients in Canada's univeral healthcare system that forced the to travel abroad for medical care

It was the first in a series that saw me visiting a trade show for medical tourism and speaking to sources on both sides of the debate.

Project Details

Story for the CMAJ

Before completing my 4-year honours in journalism at Carleton University, I interned with the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

It continues to be some of the most rewarding and enduring work that I've done in my career. This particular story has been cited in prestigious academic journals at least three times.

I interviewed WMA President Dr. Xavier Deau and president of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Dr. Bayazit Ilhan for this story.

Report on global violence against doctors

O Canada! Commemorative Book

Great River Media commissioned me to produce a 360/VR video series that highlighted signature events from Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations.

The glossy coffee table book came with QR codes printed at the beginning of some sections that linked to a video from the series.

Each video can be viewed in a normal browser window, but for best effect, put on your VR headset!

For the "Kontinuum" video, good headphones are a must - it was my first time recording in spatial audio.

Immersive (360) video series for Great River Media

  • Skills: Ambisonic Audio, Autopano, Mistika, VR
  • Client: Great River Media
  • Date: August 8, 2017
  • Category: Immersive Videography
  • Project Url: O Canada!

Project Description

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Project Details

By: Martin Posted: 18 February 2020

Unexpected Design Detour

Recently, a professional contact asked me to help out with modifying a rack mount bracket for his digital audio mixer. Luckily, he was able to give me the original CAD files and I took it from there.

“This what 3D-Printing is ideal for”

Normally, the manufacturer's part is made from steel, but printing in PETG means I needed to add thickness to add strength. This also compensated for all of the additional sections that I've cut from it to allow better cable routing and for the unit to be set further back into the rack. After two iterations and some testing, I finalized the design and listed it on my site. Only a few days later, I had my first sale - a customer in France!.

By: Martin Posted: 5 June 2019

Designing to improve indoor air quality for office workers

I decided to apply my evolving design skills to come up with my take on an air-purifying, mood light specifically made for offices and workspaces. This 3D-printed plant pot has a fan and a low power LED light in the base that draws air in and up past the roots of the plant. Both the lamp and the fan can be powered from the USB port of your laptop.

“Both the lamp and the fan can be powered from the USB port of your laptop.”

The concept is based on research into the air filtering potential of the rhizosphere microorganisms (bacteria in the soil). It's also a delight to have a warm glow and a plant nearby as you work at your laptop. I've also incorporated a second light that works off a 12v source to provide more light when needed

Proof-of-concept completed, I had no further plans for it, so my wife took it to her office in downtown Ottawa, where it remains today, a converstation starter that I hope creates a more comfortable, healthier working space.